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Latest Episodes
Episode 138: Blogging Strategy for SaaS with Kaleigh MooreTrends come and go, but content marketing — particularly blogging — remains one of the top marketing channels for SaaS companies. Our guest today is the awesome Kaleigh Moore, freelance content writer for SaaS and ecommerce. You'll learn how to produce top-performing blog posts, promote them, leverage different media types, and make your content as evergreen as possible.
An Analysis of NativeScript Mobile Platform
5: Jory Burson on the Significance of Standards
Unmistakable Nuggets: Doing Life by Design
Crafting Your Work By Your Strengths
203: How to Be a Good Mentor | Feedback Friday
Solving real problems with software and the Human Utility with Tiffani Ashley Bell
48: Open Source It with Jon Rohan
323. Here’s Why All Your Projects Are Always Late — and What to Do About It (Rebroadcast)
Identity Server Update with Dominick Baier and Brock Allen
#222: Trash Can
56: How I built a SaaS to solve my own problem
115: Jason Lengstorf - Gatsby for Skeptics
Azure Data Lakes with Stacia Varga
S6:E4 - "Radix sort: the patient zero of sorting algorithms "
You can't put me in a box
BONUS: Sam Harris Guided Meditations and Lessons
Episode 445 | Why Absolute Thinking Is ALWAYS Bad
JSJ 264 Mendel with Irae Carvalho
Lean Refactoring!
79: No, “Empathy” won’t solve all your design problems
321: Building a Marketplace (Stefania Mallet)
TPP #73: Finding the good in a bad situation
Work/Life Balance with Square's Jackie Luo
Blazor: You Want To Run .NET Where?!
Alex Talks to an Early Facebook Insider
Ep 26: IRS
Remembering Herb Kelleher
The Uber IPO
TPDP010: All About the Google App Engine
Jeff Sheldon (Ugmonk)
Episode 19 - Code readability is more important than brevity
#3: Open Startups with Josh Pigford